A couple in New York city’s East Village is taking their costumes to the next level by dressing as superheroes and superheroes themselves.

The two-part video, uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday, shows the couples performing superhero acts, including swinging their costumes and posing in front of a firework display in the streets of Manhattan.

“We’ve been doing this for like two months,” said Jodie, a 23-year-old fashion designer from New York.

“We’ve got some really big costumes that we wanted to wear, and we thought, well, why not make it really big and make it a little more superhero-y than it’s ever been before.”

In the video, Jodies costume shows a woman in a dress holding a firecracker as she performs a superhero dance, while her partner shows off a cape that turns into a cape as he performs a similar dance.

The video also features Jodys mother, who shows off her costume to the camera.

The couple, who live in Brooklyn, have made the video to show their support for the LGBT community, Joder said.

The costumes are a new twist on the tradition, as the couple has previously shown off costumes in costumes that were not real.

“It’s really about taking our costumes and doing something that’s really out there,” Joder told The Hindu.

“It’s a little bit of a mash-up of costumes.

It’s not really about costumes, it’s more about the people involved.

We really wanted to do something that we were excited about.”

The video, which has been shared over 3,000 times, shows a man in a red cape dancing while wearing a red dress, and a woman wearing a blue costume dancing while in a purple dress.

The duo, who have been friends since they were students at Yale, have also appeared on “Celebrity Big Brother” and “Celebrities Big Brother.”

The couple told The Huffington Post that they have been inspired by superhero costumes from superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman and Batman.

“Our costume, our costume is a little out there, but our spirit is, ‘I don’t need this,’ and I want to help others,” said Kunal, a 25-year old model from New Jersey.

“When we started this, we had no idea what we were doing.

We just wanted to get out there and do what we wanted.

We were just doing what we thought was cool.

We didn’t really know what we would be doing.

Now that we know, we are all excited.”

Jodys parents told The Hindustan Times that they were not inspired by any of the other costumes in the video.

Jodie said the costumes were not only fun, but they are also a way to show support for her and her friends who have faced discrimination and harassment in the past.

“They are not just for us, they are for us,” she said.

“For me, it was really just to show that we are not alone.”