A wedding photographer in Australia has received $5.5,300 in wedding costs from the state government, the Australian Press Council has confirmed.

Photojournalist Scott Thomas was awarded $5 million by the state Government to work as a wedding photographer last year.

“The state government has awarded Scott Thomas a $5M contract to provide weddings in Victoria,” a spokeswoman said.

“Scott Thomas is contracted to provide wedding photography for the state of Victoria.”

Ms Thomas said the award was for an annual fee of $500,000.

She said the contract was based on the availability of his skills, and he had been working in Queensland for two years.

“We’ve had great support from the Queensland Government to make this happen,” she said.

The contract is for the next five years, and Ms Thomas said she had been asked by other agencies to provide photography for other weddings in the state.

She is also working with the Royal Australian Mint to make wedding cards for weddings in New South Wales.

“I’ve been told by the Mint that the cards are a little tricky, but that’s just my experience,” she told News24.

The State Government has also agreed to pay the bride and groom a total of $25,000, Ms Thomas’s agency has confirmed to News24, and the couple will receive $5 each.

“That’s a little over $5K,” she added.

Ms Thomas has previously said she is grateful for the State Government’s support and had hoped to continue to work in the industry for many more years.

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