The Hilton Head photographer says she’s not going to be able to get her photo with this bride, and she’s already thinking about what to do about it.

The photo shoot with Kate Upton was part of the wedding festivities at the Hilton in Atlanta.

It was a part of a special “Crisis Photo Day” event for the hotel that included a lot of celebrities.

On the day of the shoot, Hilton Head photographers had to be the ones to get the wedding guests into the photo booth.

Kate Upton, left, and Brad Pitt pose with the photographer, Michelle Burchfield, right, during a photo session.

“We had to get all the guests into one of the two chairs and we had to ask each guest, ‘Is this your picture?’ and if they said no, we had no choice but to have the photographer take their picture,” Hilton Head photography assistant Melissa Burchfields told ESPN.

“Then I had to go back and do a second one.

So we had a lot to do, and it was just exhausting.”

It was the most stressful part of all, she said.

Burchfields, who said she had no experience with wedding photography before the shoot went off, said she was told to get as close to Upton as possible to avoid any eye contact.

She said the photographers were told to take a “neutral pose,” which means not to look directly at Upton’s face.

It’s not uncommon for a wedding photographer to get a picture taken with a bride’s head, but it was particularly challenging because the bride is so tall, Burchies said. 

“It was pretty intense,” she said, “but I’m glad it went off.”

She added, “It’s just a lot harder to take someone’s head when they’re taller than you are.

That’s the thing that really upsets me.”

The photographers have since gotten used to the height difference, Bunchfields said, and said they’ve taken more photos of the bride.

But Burchresses said she can’t believe Upton’s bride got the bride in the pose.

“The first photo she did of her with her hair up was amazing,” Burchs said.

“That was a really good moment.

And then I think she was just trying to take some of her beauty out.”

But the photographer said she’ll probably have to work on her approach.

According to the photo, Upton is wearing her wedding gown and she has a “little bit of hair on her head,” and it looks like she’s been wearing the gown for a while.

We’re not going anywhere, she told the photographer.

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