A few years ago, a photographer named Paula Graham was photographing a wedding reception at a Dallas-area church when her husband of three years, Paul, suddenly disappeared.

Paul’s phone rang.

It was his mom.

She told Paul he was having a panic attack.

Paul said he didn’t know what was happening.

But then he remembered the phone call he had received two weeks earlier, from the Dallas Police Department.

Police had asked him to come back for an interview, but he declined.

The next morning, he was dead.

When he returned to the church, he found Paul’s body in a bathtub.

He called his mom and told her everything.

It wasn’t his fault, he thought.

When she asked what he did, he told her he was a wedding director, and that he was looking for a photographer for his wedding.

It had been a long time since he’d ever met his photographer.

She said he was right.

The last time she saw him, Paul had just told her that he had been working on his first wedding.

“He just looked like someone you’d want to hang out with,” Paula says.

Paul had been in the business since he was 11, photographing weddings and funerals.

Now, with his new job, he had the opportunity to take photos for weddings that would go on for years.

He knew how to put on a great show and make people smile, and how to capture the essence of love.

So he set his sights on the wedding reception of the Reverend William Johnson and his wife, Helen.

Paul knew that if he wanted to capture that spirit, he would need to shoot them in Dallas.

“It was so crazy, because I was just trying to get out of the city and have a nice, peaceful life,” he says.

So when he came back to Dallas to photograph for the reception, Paul hired a private security company to escort him to the ceremony.

The two men he was photograpying met in the parking lot, and Paul took off.

He walked through the crowd, making sure to stay out of sight.

He didn’t want to get spotted, so he just waited until he was behind the bride and groom, his body in the middle of them.

He got a close-up, and the bride was standing at the altar.

She looked at Paul as if she’d just seen him, and then the groom was on top of her.

Paul held his breath as he took a couple of shots, and when he looked at the bride, she was crying.

Paul was shocked to see that her husband was crying for the first time in months.

It took him a moment to realize what had happened.

“I’ve never felt this way before,” he remembers thinking.

“And it was the first wedding I had ever been to, and I was a photographer.

It’s so emotional.

It really was.”

But it was all so new for Paul.

He’d never worked at a wedding before.

It felt like a very different thing, and he had never felt more alone.

“As I walked in, I just felt so happy and so relaxed,” he recalls.

“We were surrounded by so many beautiful people, so many wonderful people, and it just felt right.”

The next day, Paul was at the wedding, with the photographer, his wife and the groom.

He had just taken a photograph of the bride.

“Paul’s like, ‘We’re so happy.

Thank you so much,'” says the bride’s mother, Mary.

Paul told her, “The first thing you’ve got to do is make it fun for everyone.” “

Paul didn’t, but his wife did.

Paul told her, “The first thing you’ve got to do is make it fun for everyone.”

The couple had planned to spend the rest of their lives together, and now that they were married, they were expecting a baby.

They went to church on Sunday, and for the last two years, they had been attending church together.

Paul felt so at home with everyone, and his photography was something that would be so important for him.

“But I knew I wanted to be involved with the family, and this was a beautiful wedding. “

The only thing I had in the way was my wife, who was pregnant with the baby,” Paul says.

“But I knew I wanted to be involved with the family, and this was a beautiful wedding.

I wanted a family, so I couldn’t do anything else.”

But the wedding day turned out to be a disaster.

Paul and the photographer went to a church that was close to the wedding site and got married.

They didn’t have any money, so they asked the church to lend them $10,000 so they could rent a place in the city.

But the pastor, who had also just been hired by the church and was looking to make money