I am one of the first people who was hired to shoot the first maternity portraits of a pregnant woman at a public hospital in New Delhi in September 2015.

The pictures were posted on Instagram and had become viral.

My first assignment was to cover the birth of a baby girl, who was born prematurely.

I spent a week on the maternity ward of the hospital.

The nurses were so supportive and friendly and they treated me very well.

It was so beautiful and the hospital was so clean and everything.

When I returned to the hotel the next day, my first assignment of the day was to take a maternity photo of the newborn daughter.

I was a bit nervous and nervous, but I knew that I would make a great first-time photographer.

In November, I had another assignment to cover a hospital birth.

This time, I took the baby out of the NICU.

I started shooting in the morning, with my phone out of my pocket.

I used to go to the hospital for just about every day.

I would take the baby for a few minutes at a time, and when she was breathing she would wake up and ask me what I was doing.

After I left, the nurses and doctors would sit and talk to me and say that I had done an excellent job.

The first time I took a maternity photograph, I thought that I was just doing a photo of a mother and baby.

I knew it was the best job I could get, so I thought I was ready to go and make the leap.

I didn’t have much money and I didn´t have the equipment.

I had to pay for everything myself, so it was hard.

But I was really happy to be part of the project and I thought it was going to be a really good one.

A year later, I got a call from my agency.

I said, “You have to be there at that time”.

It was like I was back in my hometown.

They asked me, “How do you get there?” and I said I have a friend who lives in Delhi.

I took her and I drove there and then I met my friend who is in the company.

They said, ‘We have a maternity photographer who you can work with, you just have to sign a contract and we will pay you.’

They have a contract in place for a month and a half.

I signed it and I was paid a little over $3,000.

That was my first pay, but now I am working with clients in a big company.

I have to say, I really like it, and I get paid a lot more.

A lot of my clients work for big companies and they pay them less, so they can afford to pay me.

I got to work with the highest paid photographers in the world, like [Nilay] Kalanick, [Manoj] Puri, [Ashok] Natarajan, [Vinay] Srinivasan, and all of them.

It is such a great feeling.

I think they have really good clients, and they are doing a lot of work.

I am not a big photographer myself, but when I get to work, I get a lot done.

The more I work with these people, the better I feel.

I always have to do a lot for the company because they pay me so well.

I get good feedback from my clients.

I like to work on small projects and I like doing a little extra.

I usually don’t like to shoot a lot because it is stressful for me and for the client.

But if you work hard and are a good photographer, then you can be very happy.

A few months after I started, I was invited to a fashion shoot.

I thought, I will take this job because it pays very well and I have been working for so many years.

I loved it and it was an honour to do the shoot.

My colleagues were very supportive and kind and the clients were very happy with the photos I took.

I worked very hard and had a very good time.

The shoot was a big success.

I made a lot money, I made money, and now I have some more clients.

Another time, my friend invited me to a dinner party in Delhi for friends.

He was looking for a photographer to shoot for his client and he had this young girl, a friend of mine.

She was very nervous, so we invited her to come with us and we decided to go.

I told her to get ready, because we had to do some things and she was a little nervous.

I brought her into the room and she looked at me and said, I am nervous, I can´t do this.

I went into the bathroom and started crying and she just sat there.

I put her down and went into my room.

I asked her what she was going through and she told me she had been raped.

I couldnt believe it,