The New Memphis Photographers have launched their first book collection, The Best Photo Collection, and are seeking artists and photographers to create the first book.

The project is designed to inspire new generations of photographers and will feature more than 400 photographers.

The book will feature the best photos from the city and be published in three volumes, each containing six full-color photographs of one of the city’s iconic landmarks.

The book will be available through the city-owned New Memphis Art & Artifacts and through other independent bookstores.

The project will be launched this month by the photographers through a new social media campaign called the Memphis Photography Tour, which encourages the community to “meet the photographer in person and take a tour.”

The tour will feature artists from the photographer’s hometown, as well as new artists, businesses and organizations from the region.

The tour is meant to connect the photographer with local businesses and events.

The Memphis Photographic Tour Facebook page states, “In order to create a tour of the photographer, we are offering a one-day photo-only experience at the photographer and a photo book on the day of the tour.

We will provide a complimentary copy of the photo book and all of the photographers’ images in return.””

The New Memphis Photography Tour is a way for us to get the artists and the photographers together to meet and interact in person, and give them all the tools they need to share the journey with our community,” said photographer Jad Abood.

“With this, we want to bring our collective experience to the public.

We also want to share with everyone that this is a place of opportunity for those who want to become more creative, and to help them find the best work that will help them reach their full potential.”

The project is being funded through the support of the Greater Memphis Partnership, an initiative that allows artists and their communities to benefit from local resources and opportunities, including arts programs and the creation of new businesses.

The partnership also provides support to local nonprofits.

The Memphis Photographer Tour is an initiative of the Memphis Tourism and Economic Development Agency, which was created to help artists and artists communities in Memphis grow.

The Tourism and Development Agency and the New Memphis Arts & Culture Council will provide the money for the project.

The group has launched a website,, where the first 150 people who sign up will be eligible to win an autographed photo by the photographer.

The winners will also be selected through a random drawing of participating photographers.