The President will be campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the Granite State.

But with Trump in a strong position to win the election, a new poll shows him in a poor spot among Republicans, with 47 percent of likely voters saying they’re not sure if they will vote for him in November.

Trump is also losing among white voters, who made up a larger share of the state’s vote than they have in decades.

Fifty-one percent of white voters say they don’t know if they’ll vote for Trump in November, compared to 43 percent who say the same for Clinton.

The poll comes just days before the Iowa caucuses, a critical state for the White House and which is traditionally a stronghold for the Democrats.

But Clinton and her allies are banking on a surge in early voting to turn the state blue.

While Clinton holds a narrow lead in the polls, the Quinnipiac University poll also shows Trump with a substantial lead among women, which is consistent with his support among women in other recent polls.