On November 30, Sam Jones will be the photographer for a special edition of a series of portraits that will be released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his birth.

The portraits are to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and at the American Society of Photographers’ Annual Meeting in Los Angeles.

Jones, who is the founder of the British-born photography company Image Studio, has shot portraits of iconic figures from the history of photography and will be joined by his longtime partner, photographer Louise Lecher, as they embark on an exclusive and exciting journey to capture the iconic cat in a world of cat videos and other media.

The four-minute series of photographs will feature the legendary cat in various states of exhaustion and excitement, while he also attempts to escape from the confines of his home in England and become a model for an upcoming cat-themed film.

Jones has been known to take a more relaxed approach to his work, taking on subjects such as the British monarchy, the war in Afghanistan and the United States and his signature style has often reflected his love of photography, and this will be no different.

The artist has said that he believes his work is a reflection of the many ways that he lives, and that his goal with this series is to bring the essence of his life into his photographs.

Jones said, “I’ve always loved animals, and I’ve always wanted to photograph them, but my love of cats has always been in the background.

Now, with the release of this special edition, I’m excited to be able to bring that into the spotlight.”

For more information on the exhibition, visit the museum of modern art, london,and the American society of photographers’ annual meeting, Los Angeles, on November 30.