In a bid to improve its image as a wedding destination, New York is set to host wedding photographers for the first time in history.

The move will see thousands of wedding photographers from across the US taking part in the annual World Wedding Photography Week, taking part from November 11 to 17 in New York.

Rene Avila, one of the organisers of the event, said the aim was to showcase the city’s vibrant and diverse wedding photography community.

“The idea behind this event is to help showcase the beauty of the city in a way that is fun, educational and entertaining,” he said.

“To bring the world together to celebrate this amazing day, it is crucial that the photographers are all here.”

We want to make this an unforgettable experience for the photographers, the venue owners and the entire city.

“The event is organised by the Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers’ Association and will be supported by the US Department of Justice, the National Park Service and the National Archives.

Rafael Martinez, director of photography at the Archival Institute of America, said it was a great opportunity for the city.”

Weddings have always been a big part of Pittsburgh’s heritage and it is very important that the people who have designed this venue are able to continue to showcase Pittsburgh in a more modern way,” he told RTE.”

In addition, the event will allow photographers to learn and grow and have their work shared amongst the photographers in the greater Pittsburgh community.

“The wedding photographers are to travel to the city on November 11 and 17 for their first trip in more than two years.”

These photographers will be able to learn the ins and outs of working at a wedding venue, learn about wedding planning and techniques, and meet some of the people in the city who are involved in the wedding industry,” Avilas said.

The Pittsburgh Wedding Photography Association is the world’s largest photographer association.