In his new book “Photographic Paper”, Los Angeles Times photographer Stuart Scott explores the art of the street photographer.

Scott’s series takes a look at the craft and what it takes to be a true street photographer in Los Angeles.

The artist, who has worked in New York, Paris and London, was inspired by his time in L.A. and his love for street photography.

“Photography paper is the way I see street photography in my hometown of New York City, in the process of my own exploration of photography as an art form,” he says.

Scott’s work, called “The Photographic Paper” will be released on October 25, and will be sold at a Los Angeles gallery and on a variety of street art and photography sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

His book covers the subject of “street photography in America” from his experiences as a photographer in New Jersey to his experience as a street photographer now living in Los.

The book is divided into five sections.

In part one, Scott discusses his experiences photographing at the intersection of culture and commerce.

 “Street photography is a form of photography that involves creating images that are either unique or shared in a manner that is both socially and politically relevant,” he writes.

“[It] is a way of expressing personal feelings or a form that can have a profound impact on society.”

In his second section, Scott talks about his experience photographing people while working in New Orleans and the way the city’s streets are treated as a city.

He also talks about the ways street photography is used to tell stories, and the ways the artists and publics around the world use street photography as a way to convey their own stories.

At the end of the book, Scott explains the process behind the photographs and the process he uses to create them.

As an artist, Scott says that the process can often take years, and he believes it’s important to be patient with the process.

But, as he says, he’s been there before and knows the process well.

A photo of a street in New Yorks, USA.