Photos taken from a window in the back room of the hotel show the photographer, an avid fan of the Washington Times, clutching a cellphone as she takes photos of the building she has been using for years as her workspace.

Her hand is raised in a gesture of solidarity with those who have been without internet access for weeks.

The photo, taken from the hotel lobby window, was posted online Thursday and quickly gained attention among the thousands of people who have seen it on social media.

It has since gone viral on Twitter and was viewed more than 2 million times.

The Washington Times said in a statement that the hotel’s management team has agreed to make arrangements to restore internet access to all of its employees in the building, including those who lost access.

It is not clear how long the hotel will be able to maintain the service.

It also said the hotel is reviewing all of the incident reports and will make changes to its network to make sure that it is working to maintain its quality of service.

The Post’s photo was taken just before 2 p.m. local time Wednesday.

On Thursday morning, it was posted on Facebook and was shared more than 5,000 times.

Some users criticized the photographer for holding her cellphone, a gesture that is meant to show support for the victims of the cyberattack.

“This is not the kind of thing you normally see from a photographer,” said Jennifer Fennell, a spokeswoman for the Washington-based advocacy group Demand Progress.

“We want to see her apologize, to be clear.”

The Washington-area hotel, known as the Washington Star, was hit by a massive cyberattack in late July that resulted in the loss of a third of its online traffic.

A security breach at the hotel prompted an alert from the Federal Communications Commission and led to the temporary shutdown of some websites.

The hotel, which serves as the hotel office for the D.C. metropolitan area, has not reopened since then.

The website for the hotel, called the Washington State Star, is now inaccessible.

The company has been unable to confirm the cause of the outage, but a spokeswoman said the site has been down since late August.

The spokeswoman said that if the website were restored, guests would be able back online.