What to expect from the wedding of a lifetime

When you’re about to take on the world, you’ve probably been asked “what to do for the next few weeks?”It’s a common question when planning your wedding, but for some it’s just another day in a busy life.Here are some things you should be thinking about before you get started: When to ask the question […]

Which Bay Area photographer is the best?

BOSTON – As the summer heat swells into the Bay Area and snow melts, here’s a look at five photographers whose work stands out in a city where the weather can be downright brutal.1.Mark Tulloch Mark Tuffler was born and raised in Bay Area, and he has worked in the area for more than a […]

How to Get the Perfect Photo in the Middle of World War II

An American photographer with a flair for the dramatic has been awarded the Pulitzer Prize for his series of photos documenting the aftermath of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.The award, given in a ceremony in Washington on Tuesday, was presented by the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.It will be presented to the photographer […]

How to avoid getting harassed by a bunch of people who want to take photos of you

People are being harassed by groups of people, and the photographers who are there are not taking the threats seriously.In a series of posts on Twitter, photographers who work near you are using the hashtag #HandsUpForLives to help protect themselves and their livelihoods.Some photographers have reported harassment from people who are either posing for photos […]

How to choose the perfect wedding photographer

If you’re thinking of looking for a wedding photographer to take your picture of your favorite bride, groom or groom’s wedding, here are a few tips.1.Get in touch with a photographer with experience 2.Choose a photographer who’s willing to go on a shooting trip 3.Take a photo of the groom 4.Do a wedding photography session […]

Which was the first time you took a selfie? The answer: the first selfie

The first selfie was taken in the mid-1800s, when the first camera was invented.That’s when photographers like Edward Weston and William Merton introduced the first digital image.Since then, we’ve taken hundreds of thousands of selfies, and more than half of them were taken with the right hand.Here’s what you need to know about taking a […]

Which celebrity photographer is best for your brand?

NIKKEI catsouradas, the brand ambassador for the US fashion photographer Niki Catsouras, has been in the spotlight recently, after she posted a series of photographs on Instagram featuring the brand’s logo.“The Niki catsourassociation has been around for a long time, it was started by the late Barbara Mancini, the designer of the famous Dior bag, […]

How to spot Hawaii’s rare sea lions on camera

The sea lion is a rare creature on Hawaii.Photojournalist Joe Soto has been documenting the creatures for the past five years and is the only photographer to ever capture a photo of one.Soto, who has been photographing sea lions in the state since 2004, has captured a rare sight on camera.He snapped this photo of […]

How to get a free copy of this picture

A photojournalist’s photo is like a snapshot in time, capturing the essence of what was once alive.But what is an image, and how can you get one?The following is a list of images you can obtain for free from The Wall St. Journal’s Photo Reflexes program.They range from a rare photograph taken at a remote […]

How to Take a Picture of a Wedding Photographer with the Right Background—without Getting Yourself Stuck in the Photo Booth

A new photo sharing app, Snap, has been launched in the United States to allow users to take photos of weddings without getting stuck in the photo booth.The app, launched in May, allows users to send up to three photos a day, which users can then share via Snap and other services, including Instagram.Users will […]

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