Los Angeles Times article Los Angles elopements photographer, Rachel Landon, has won the 2015 Photography of the year award from the American Association of Photojournalists.

The Los Angeles-based photographer was awarded the prize in recognition of her “exceptional work” that focuses on “creative collaboration and artistic expression” and is featured in several other publications.

The winner of the 2015 award, Landon also captured the “awesome” moments in her life and her career, including her time working as a “journalist at the intersection of the arts and the media.”

She shared the award with photographer and Elopements editor, Ryan Egan.

The award also honors photographer of the decade, Photojournoast and Eloping award winning photographer, Daniel Turello, and Los Angeles–based photographer, David Kranitz.

The Los Angeles Observer’s Jessica Molloy described Landon as “the consummate elopment photographer,” describing her as “a master at capturing the most beautiful moments in life and in people.”

Landon’s work is featured on more than 100 publications and is also featured in many of her photographers work.

Landon earned the 2015 Photojournalism of the Decade Award for her photography, the Eloping Award for “excellence in Elopment Photography,” and the Los Angeles Photojournalistic Association’s Eloping Excellence Award.