People are being harassed by groups of people, and the photographers who are there are not taking the threats seriously.

In a series of posts on Twitter, photographers who work near you are using the hashtag #HandsUpForLives to help protect themselves and their livelihoods.

Some photographers have reported harassment from people who are either posing for photos with the cameras or taking pictures of them while they are away.#HandsUPForLights are taking pictures as they pass photographers, saying “you need to keep them safe” #handsupforthepics @mikejones9 @cbsnews24 @kurtkaufman This is a problem that’s going on everywhere.

We need to be on the lookout.#handsupfortthepics #hashes A photo posted by Kurt Kaufman (@kurt_kauffmans) September 25, 2018More from Newsbusters:I was called a faggot, a homophobe, a racist and a racist asshole for posting this picture, @mitch_foster @faydafitz @kurtsharma /tjQ2yLqgj4 Another photographer, @brian_curry, posted a picture of the person who has harassed him.

I’ve been called a racist, a fag, a xenophobe and a misogynist.

The person behind the hate is a real fucking racist, @jim_kimmel [email protected]_fitz @jimmel_ @briansharma @kim_mickie This is the type of harassment that needs to stop.

#handsupforthepixels @bryant_paul @pauljones @james_gonzalez @matthew_carson @kyle_kurtzman The harassment of @kris_kolb, @foyden, @nathan_michaels, @dave_wilson, @mr_hutchings and @joe_carlson is despicable and unacceptable.

#HANDSUPFORLIGHTS  @kris.kolbs  This is the person harassing my #harms, @kolbysons photos, at the end of my #handsups!

This is harassment.

#shameful #hands pic.k2bLJfDtE5 @frymattbennett @cnn @foxsports @nba @nbcsports @hayes_cunningham A photo shared by Brandon Crawford (@crawfordbryan) September 26, [email protected]_johnson_ @faye_johnsen @bruce_harrison @kirkland_pierce @brentjmark @michael_staples @peter_j_tayler I’m not going to be bullied by strangers, I don’t have friends in the industry.

I can’t afford to be harassed.

#hatsupforthits pic. 

@mick_johnston #HATTIESUPFORHOTTOES @mikethechampion I was harassed by the person in the picture who wants to shoot my dog #handsUPfortthedogs pic.

#nba #hardsitting #hits #hattiesupforhats pic.j7bxl8WZ6A A photo of a group of people holding up a sign reading “I don’t hate you” at the intersection of West 11th and Vine Streets in Brooklyn, NY.

#handshakes #handspics  The harassment of an @bob_davies photographer who posted a photo of someone standing at a red light was “disgusting,” @mickjones said in a tweet, and “makes me wonder why I have a job.”

#hands upforhits  I can’t stand being harassed, but I can do something about it.

#HandShakes pic.

 @miketayler #HITS  Hands Up For Lives is one of many organizations using #HOTSOP, an acronym for “Let’s Stop Being So Mean” and “#StandUpToHate,” to call attention to this issue.

Hotspot, which was started by people in Los Angeles who are using their smartphones to monitor the behavior of others, is currently in Portland, Oregon, and has about 200 members in the city.

They say they are using Twitter to spread the word to encourage people to call police.

The hashtag #hotspot was created in response to a photo by a photographer who was at a traffic light, but who said the person standing at the light didn’t look like he was a threat.

The hashtag has