If you’re thinking of looking for a wedding photographer to take your picture of your favorite bride, groom or groom’s wedding, here are a few tips.


Get in touch with a photographer with experience 2.

Choose a photographer who’s willing to go on a shooting trip 3.

Take a photo of the groom 4.

Do a wedding photography session with the groom 5.

Use your photos for wedding invitations 6.

Do wedding photography sessions with the bride 7.

Keep photos of the event organized and make a print of each photo in the book8.

Be sure to keep photos of your photos in the wedding registry9.

Share the photo with family and friends10.

Share your photos with friends and family11.

Use photos as a wedding invitation12.

Have the bride or groom take a picture of you13.

Use pictures to show off your new engagement ring14.

Share photos of you and your family15.

Share wedding photos with your friends16.

Share a photo with your wedding guests17.

Share an image of your bridesmaids18.

Share with your favorite photographer19.

Share from your blog20.

Share it with your Instagram friends21.

Share via social media22.

Use a photojournalist to document your day23.

Make your wedding day more memorable24.

Share what you see with the hashtag #weddingphotographer25.

Find a wedding venue in your area26.

Share in your wedding social media group27.

Share on social media via Facebook28.

Share online via Instagram29.

Share through your favorite social media platform30.

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