You’ve seen a few photos of cats lounging in the sun, playing on the grass, and even playing with a ball in their mouths.

But what if they were also playing the game of football?

This is what photographer and game designer tyler mittelschwager wanted to do.

He designed a set of “toy” cats to help teach children about the sport and to play with, and teach them the rules of football.

But first, he created the images for his cat camera, which he would use for testing and photographing the cats.

To get the idea going, he found a group of cats in a park in the Czech Republic.

He had them play the game with a wooden stick, and put the camera in the frame to capture their reaction.

He also had the camera placed on the ground where the game was played and had it move around the playing area to photograph the cats on it.

The game began and the cats started to run around, jumping up and down.

When the camera stopped, the cats were back on their feet. 

Tyler found the game fun, and he and his friends were able to learn it quickly, even though it was difficult for the kids to learn.

It was a fun game, and it also taught the children a new skill that would serve them well as they continued their education in the sport. 

To learn more about the cat camera project, visit Tylers Photography website . 

Tyrell Mittelscher has worked with several sports teams including the Pittsburgh Steelers, Philadelphia Flyers, Dallas Cowboys, Minnesota Vikings, New York Jets, and San Francisco 49ers.

He has also photographed athletes in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and NFLPA. 

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