I’ve never thought about the topic before.

But I do think about my favorite photographers.

I don’t have to explain why.

When I was a kid, I loved the way people photographed the South, the beauty and the culture.

I loved it so much.

The way that Southern people treated each other.

I just thought that’s what they did.

I never thought of them as racist or anything like that.

I think the only time that I think about racism in the South is when someone like Darryl Williams says something like, “We should kill all of the whites and just let them go.”

I don, as a black photographer, see it that way.

But the South has had a long history of racism and that’s been going on for a long time.

There’s been racism and violence in the Southern South.

And I’ve heard from a lot of black people who say that it’s really sad to see that happening.

And when they say it, I think they’re trying to help the people.

The thing that’s most depressing about it is that they think it’s a black problem.

It’s not.

I see a lot more people in the United States today who are fighting to change the system than in the past.

I’m so thankful for what they’ve done.