A cat is a special friend.

It means so much to you, that you’ll go out of your way to keep it safe.

But can it help you with some of the challenges you face?

The most common question asked by cats is, “How do I feed it?”

And in most cases, the answer is “just keep feeding it.”

So, why?

If you want to be safe, consider feeding your cat one or more treats every day.

One study showed that cat owners can help reduce the risk of cat bites by adding a little bit of sugar or salt to their diet.

The study found that cats that were given two tablespoons of sugar and one tablespoon of salt per kilogram of body weight were less likely to be bitten by a human than those who were given one tablespoon and none at all.

Other studies have shown that cats can help prevent cataracts by drinking a bottle of water every day and giving the cat a small amount of catnip every morning.

Another way to make sure you’re feeding your pet the right kind of food is to use a syringe.

Cats have a hard time swallowing it, so they need to be fed food that’s easy to reach, so that they don’t need to chew it up and spit it out.

Cats are also good at detecting food when it’s missing.

If your cat chews down on a piece of food, you’ll know when he’s hungry.

If a cat eats food with a lot of liquid in it, the food will go rancid and the cat will eat less and less.

It’s good to keep this food away from the cat, too.