How to make your cat photo series a hit: This is the best method for photographing your cats

Photographs can make the world go ’round.They’re a perfect way to get the viewer’s attention and capture the moment, even if you have to make them yourself.Here are five simple tips for photographng your cat.I always start by taking the camera out of the bag.You can also bring the camera with you.If you’re taking a […]

When the Obamas took the selfie and then a few minutes later they walked off, a photographer tells the story of the Obamas’ time away

When the last picture of the Obama family was taken, the president was still the leader of the free world.But after that moment, his days as the leader were numbered.The president was the boss of his team, the man who commanded them, the one who was in charge of everything.But as he left office in […]

Which photograph will you be proud to have taken on the World Trade Center’s destruction?

The day the World Financial Center was struck by a plane on Sept. 11, 2001, the photographer who captured the moment on film, John Bogle, was among the first to report on the event on the television program “60 Minutes.”The photograph, posted online by photographer Steve Miller, went viral and was the subject of a […]

How to delete images from your phone without breaking the bank

Las Vegas photographers, beware!There’s a growing body of research that suggests you can easily erase images on your phone.The idea is to get rid of the bad images from the memory, but that can be difficult in some situations.Read on to learn how to delete unwanted images without breaking even.1.Remove your contacts, messages, and photos […]

How to build a better brand for your startup’s images

Recode contributor Jimmie Smith has a lot of experience working on photo-sharing sites like Instagram, Flickr, and Twitter, and he says they’re still not used as a good place to build the kind of images your brand is.He says the biggest problem in image-sharing is that most of the time, brands don’t have the tools […]

How to earn a freelance photographer’s salary

If you’re a freelance photography freelance photographer, there’s a good chance you’re earning less than the average salary for your profession.But the answer may be more complicated than that.The median freelance photographer salary in the UK is £26,000 a year.According to freelance publication, the UK has the lowest average salary of any major European […]

The 50 most famous photographers in the world

A list of the world’s most famous fashion and photography photographers has been published by New Scientist.It includes five photographers who have worked on brands ranging from Giorgio Armani to Louis Vuitton.The photographers on the list are chosen from the world of fashion photography because they have achieved something of a celebrity status.The list was […]

Cake smash photographer loses $1.6m from her cake smash movie

Posted August 15, 2018 05:53:13It was the end of her honeymoon in the Bahamas when the picture went viral.In the wake of the viral story, photographer Kristin Ponder, 34, has filed for bankruptcy.She lost $1,700,000 on her movie.Ponder says she was “bitterly disappointed” after the film failed to make the $2 million budget she had […]

What you need to know about Def Leppard’s album ‘Black’

From the moment you step inside Def Legged’s iconic black cover, you know it’s going to be a special album.The cover has become a symbol of Def Legg’s career and a symbol for everything he stands for.The album’s cover has been immortalized by a handful of celebrities and celebrities’ personal images.The one image that stands […]

How to win over your fiancé: An expert guide

With his wife’s birthday coming up, a couple has been flirting with the idea of getting married.They’ve set up a blog, a Facebook page and a website called The Bachelorette and it’s already been picked up by hundreds of thousands of people.But there’s one thing that’s still a bit of a mystery.It’s a secret that […]

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