Utah wedding photographers who are looking for work are starting to feel the pressure of the industry. 

Many photographers who have recently started taking photos for a living are finding it difficult to get the time and money needed to get through the season. 

“We’ve had to go back to school to get our masters,” said Rachel W. Johnson, who started working as a wedding photographer in Utah in 2016. 

Johnson’s freelance photography career was in its infancy.

She was still learning how to use Photoshop and started working with clients after graduating college. 

She said she still struggles to find a job, because she’s trying to work on projects that will allow her to spend more time with her family and friends. 

When asked if she has any tips to help her, Johnson said she has a few. 

For one, she said she’d recommend that photographers pay attention to the length of their shoot. 

If you are working with an editor who is going to have an impact on how you shoot, it is good to pay attention as well. 

But, Johnson also said that photographers should look at their clients. 

You need to look at the person as well, and if you’re working for a company that is not going to hire you, it’s probably better to find other ways to get paid. 

The cost of living in Utah is extremely high, so many people are going to be competing for jobs that pay well, she added. 

However, Johnson added that she is not complaining about the low wages in Utah. 

Wedding photographers who don’t want to pay too much money for a job can find good work in other states, but the challenges of working as an independent contractor are just too great in Utah, she says. 

This story originally appeared on Business Insider and is republished here with permission.