By BRIAN WOEGLEBRIDGE”When I was younger, I would often play on the swings and watch the sun set and then catch the sunset.

But as I got older, I realized I wasn’t quite as fortunate as I’d imagined.

I’d spent so much time out in the sun, I was almost constantly exposed to it.

It’s hard to explain how much of an effect sun exposure has had on my life.

But the sun is the greatest disinfectant.

I’ve always been very selective about my exposure.

It wasn’t until I was in my early 40s that I realized the full extent of my exposure was actually happening.

My wife and I were on a cruise ship when we were in the Bahamas in the middle of the season.

It was hot and dry and we didn’t have much water, so we sat around a fire pit and we waited until the sun came up.

I got a little sunburn and I decided to make a quick run for it.

I did it.

We had a great time out there.

I didn’t get too much sunburn, but I did feel a bit uncomfortable.

But it was only a matter of time before the sun started to set.

I remember looking at my reflection in the fire pit for a while and thinking, “I think I could get away with that.”

I have two sons, and my son, Aaron, is a photographer.

And my son has always been fascinated by the sun.

He asked me one day, “What do you think of the sun?”

I said, “The sun shines all the time, but it also kills all the animals.

It kills everything.

“He said, “‘Oh, I love it.’

I thought that was amazing.

So I asked my son what he thought.

And he said, ‘It’s a terrible thing.’

But the reason is that the sun gives off a lot of radiation.

It can cause cancer.

And if you’re a human, that’s the reason you’re alive.

“We talked a little more about it, and he said to me, “Dad, if the sun’s shining, what can you do to protect yourself?

“And I thought to myself, Well, it can’t hurt that I have two young boys and that’s just how I am.

I started shooting sunsets and I was really lucky.

But I also noticed that the older I get, the more I notice the effects of exposure.

I’ve had two kids and I think they’re just learning the ways of life, and I know they’re going to get exposed to the sun all the same.

I don’t have a very good sense of how much exposure I’m getting, but that’s something that I try to understand and be aware of, too.

It’s so hard to get my kids to wear sunscreen because they’re so young, but they’re getting exposed to all sorts of radiation, including UV radiation.

And I’m also worried about how long they’re exposed to sunburns.

My wife and sons, both of whom are photographers, were on the cruise ship that was on the way to the Bahamas when the sun rose.

We were watching the sun rise over the Bahamas and I just saw a flash in the sky.

And when we turned around, it was a lot darker.

I thought, Oh my god, that was it.

I was like, Oh, my God, that happened.

I’m still a very selective photographer.

My sun exposure is very important, but what I really like about sun exposure, especially if I’m shooting in a really dark location, is that I can tell if the light is going to be really bright or if the shadows are going to become more muted.

I’ll go out and look in a dark location and I’ll be able to see the sun at a different angle.

But for me, I just want to photograph as much sun as I can.