Photojournalist Paul Klee takes a selfie with his son after they went to school in his family’s home in Brampton, Ont.

Klee has been documenting the story of his family for more than two decades and says sharing a photo with your kids will make you feel good.

“The biggest thing that happens when you share photos is they start to appreciate the photo.

You get to see their face.

They start to like it,” said Klee.

“They want to share it.

It just becomes so much more.”

The same thing happens with friends who share a photo of their children.

“I feel like it’s not a photo they’ll forget about,” said Kevin Mazzarella.

“So that’s what I try to do.

I want to show them how much my family cares about them and how they love them and that they’re still going to love them.”

Kevin Mzzarella, father of three, shares his photos with his family.

(CBC News) The idea of sharing a selfie on social media is gaining momentum, as many parents are looking for ways to keep the family together even when the kids aren’t around.

“It’s the perfect way to show that you care about them.

It’s also really fun to share with your friends,” said Krista McDaniel.

“You know that you’re not alone in that.

There’s no other way to express that.”

While sharing photos can feel like a way to bond, it’s actually something you should be doing more often, said Kuely.

“If you take the time to share a selfie, it can really show your kids that you really care about what you’re doing,” he said.

“Even if they’re not looking at you or you’re just standing there, it will be the most powerful thing you can do.”

What you need to know about this topic:What to do if your kids aren�t at home:Don�t be afraid of posting a selfie.

The photos should be of your family and of the children you are with.

If you need help, go to the photo sharing website Flickr and choose “Post photos to Flickr.”

What to say when someone asks: “Are you going to take a photo?”

Klee says it’s a good idea to say yes.

“Most people don’t ask that question because it’s like, ‘I’m not looking.’

But you’re actually showing them that you want to.

They are so appreciative of it.”

What not to do:Do not share photos with children in public.

If your child is visiting your home, you should not have children in your house.

If they are, it�s OK to have them in your room, but don�t have them on the computer.

What to do with your selfies:If you’re sharing photos with your son or daughter, you can always take a selfie together.

The best way to do this is with your smartphone, as your child can see the full image and the photo will have a unique title.

“Sometimes it might be more effective to take pictures on your phone, to share them with your children as well, to see if they want to see it,” Klee said.

“That�s what I do in my own life.

I love sharing photos, I love the fact that people like it.”