World’s first wedding photographers – from Charlotte to Hong Kong – capture the moment

The first wedding photography to take place in China has been captured in Charlotte, North Carolina.Called the “First Charlotte Wedding,” the photo shoot was held on Monday.“We’ve been lucky enough to have an opportunity to shoot in China,” said photographer Adam McBain.“I’ve worked with people in China for almost a year and a half.And this […]

A couple of couples make a huge splash in the New York City streets with their amazing costumes

A couple in New York city’s East Village is taking their costumes to the next level by dressing as superheroes and superheroes themselves.The two-part video, uploaded to Instagram on Tuesday, shows the couples performing superhero acts, including swinging their costumes and posing in front of a firework display in the streets of Manhattan.“We’ve been doing […]

Obama: I’m ‘not sure I’m a great candidate’ in New Hampshire

The President will be campaigning for Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in the Granite State.But with Trump in a strong position to win the election, a new poll shows him in a poor spot among Republicans, with 47 percent of likely voters saying they’re not sure if they will vote for him in November.Trump is also […]

New Memphis photo book series launches: The first book of photographs by the best photographer in the city

The New Memphis Photographers have launched their first book collection, The Best Photo Collection, and are seeking artists and photographers to create the first book.The project is designed to inspire new generations of photographers and will feature more than 400 photographers.The book will feature the best photos from the city and be published in three […]

Which photos capture the best moments from the Des Moines International Auto Show?

More than a dozen photographs of the Des MOines auto show took place in the two days leading up to the show.One of the highlights was the arrival of Toyota’s new C-HR supercar, the Corolla, which the company said would be the first car in the world to be built at the MOines.Toyota’s Corolla is […]

Houston Photographer Hired to Shoot for Houston Magazine

A Houston photographer has been hired to shoot for Houston magazine.Hudson’s photography is used to showcase the Houston area and the region’s unique landscape, according to the Houston Chronicle.Hudsby has spent nearly two decades as a landscape photographer, focusing mostly on landscape.He has worked with the city’s parks, museums and historic sites.In the past few […]

Photographer to photograph the famous cat photographer Sam Jones

On November 30, Sam Jones will be the photographer for a special edition of a series of portraits that will be released to celebrate the 40th anniversary of his birth.The portraits are to be displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City and at the American Society of Photographers’ Annual Meeting in […]

Photojournalist’s job pays big bucks: A look at what makes a good photojournalist salary

The photojournalism profession is a highly competitive one, with employers looking to hire the best candidates for jobs, pay high salaries and offer promotions.Photojournalists are typically paid well for their work, with a median salary of $76,200, according to data compiled by Thomson Reuters.A few of the biggest employers, like the Associated Press, The New […]

How to make a photograph of a cat: 10 basic tips

The photos you take will form a piece of a portrait.This is the basic step for a portrait, which is one of the most popular forms of art.Photography is a form of painting that uses the natural light to create a portrait of an object or person.A photograph is a photograph that is taken with […]

How to Get Rid of Your New York Wedding Photographer

With the weather finally looking nice for the New York wedding season, some photographers are looking to take advantage of the chance to showcase their work in an exciting and memorable way.Here are six things to consider if you’re thinking about getting married or just looking for the perfect wedding photographer:1.Get a New York photographer.Whether […]

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