What happens when your wedding photographer is the subject of a lawsuit?

Chicago wedding photographers are suing the city after their photos were stolen by someone who then posted the images online.A federal jury on Monday found a photographer for the wedding photographer in the case was at fault for the breach.A judge is scheduled to hear the case on Oct. 25.The lawsuit was filed last week […]

Nikki Catsouras: The Wedding Photographer’s Favorite Photo Contest Winner

A photo contest that started in 2010 in New Hampshire, with a prize of $1,000, was revived in 2015, with prizes ranging from $500 to $1 million.In 2018, the winning photo from the contest was featured on a special edition of ABC News’ 20/20.And in 2019, a photo contest featuring the winning picture from the […]

Fort Myers photographer has been photographed wearing US military uniform

A Fort Myers, Florida, photographer has made headlines for wearing an American military uniform during a photo shoot for Playboy magazine.“I love it,” photographer Michael Tait told ABC News.“I think it’s great.I think it was a great photo shoot.”Tait’s wife, Jennifer, was in the photo shoot, and he said he was surprised to see her […]

How to watch the wedding photograph soundtrack for the new season of The Walking Dead

The Walking Dark: The New Season of The Last of Us premieres on February 10th.This season, players are tasked with taking down the last surviving human survivors on a mysterious island, and the world will soon become more dangerous than ever. While we may not be seeing the full story of this new season, here are […]

How to Survive Your Birthday Cake Smash with Asian Photographer Robert Adams: An Interview

The following photo is a collaboration between the Asian Photography Association and Goldin Crossword.The images were taken in the United States and the photograph is a homage to my favorite childhood friend, Robert Adam, who passed away in 2009.I love this photo because he’s always the first to get up at 6 a.m. for the […]

Watch: How MTV’s MTV Movie ‘Brick’ Became the Most Viewed Movie Ever in a Single Day

The MTV Movie Video Music Awards are now upon us.We’re looking at you, “Bad Religion” and “The X Factor.”You can check out some of the nominations below.MTV’s MTV movie has won the Best Movie Award for Best Musical Direction and Best Original Song at the 2017 MTV Movie Awards.“Brick,” a film directed by Josh Kaufman […]

How to get an Obamas picture as a photographer

When you get your first shot of Barack Obama in the Oval Office, the first thing you’ll notice is the sheer size of the president.With his hair styled in a loose bun and his eyes staring straight ahead, the picture makes for a great photo opportunity.But there’s a catch: you need to know how to […]

What to expect from the wedding of a lifetime

When you’re about to take on the world, you’ve probably been asked “what to do for the next few weeks?”It’s a common question when planning your wedding, but for some it’s just another day in a busy life.Here are some things you should be thinking about before you get started: When to ask the question […]

Which celebrity photographer is best for your brand?

NIKKEI catsouradas, the brand ambassador for the US fashion photographer Niki Catsouras, has been in the spotlight recently, after she posted a series of photographs on Instagram featuring the brand’s logo.“The Niki catsourassociation has been around for a long time, it was started by the late Barbara Mancini, the designer of the famous Dior bag, […]

How to Take a Picture of a Wedding Photographer with the Right Background—without Getting Yourself Stuck in the Photo Booth

A new photo sharing app, Snap, has been launched in the United States to allow users to take photos of weddings without getting stuck in the photo booth.The app, launched in May, allows users to send up to three photos a day, which users can then share via Snap and other services, including Instagram.Users will […]

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