Paul Graham: ‘This is not about being a clown’

Paul Grahan, the American actor who played an all-seeing eye in The Lord of the Rings films, has come under fire for his controversial photos of himself and his son in an Instagram post that has gone viral.Mr Grahan was the subject of an intense online debate last month after the father-of-one’s wife shared images […]

Why do I love Chattanooga?

Chattanooga’s history of growth and progress, as well as its diversity and diversity of cultures, have been a driving force in the city’s evolution.It’s also a place where people can easily meet up and make friends.The best parts are in the little things.The most important thing about living in Chattanooga, though, is the people.We’re all […]

How to spot a cute cat in the middle of the football pitch

You’ve seen a few photos of cats lounging in the sun, playing on the grass, and even playing with a ball in their mouths.But what if they were also playing the game of football?This is what photographer and game designer tyler mittelschwager wanted to do.He designed a set of “toy” cats to help teach children […]

What you need to know about hiring a photographer for your blog

A lot of photographers, when it comes to blogging, are looking for a freelance job, but some may be more comfortable with the job and some are not.The freelance industry can be daunting, so if you are in the market, be sure to check out this article on what to look for in a freelance […]

Why the most iconic photographs in the world are just that…

Senior portrait photographers are a big deal in the digital age.We’ve been asked to take photographs of people and events for decades.But it’s not just the subjects we’re asked to capture.The images are the context, too, and sometimes they’re taken for the very first time.And as they age, the images tend to become more and […]

Black photographers get a new lease on life in Australia

The first images of the world’s first black Australian photographer, the photograph showtime, were released last night, revealing the first glimpses of what life looks like for a country whose history has been shaped by slavery, colonialism and the genocide of Indigenous peoples.Goldin was born in the late 1960s in rural Sydney and moved to […]

Which African-American photographers do you admire?

I’ve never thought about the topic before.But I do think about my favorite photographers.I don’t have to explain why.When I was a kid, I loved the way people photographed the South, the beauty and the culture.I loved it so much.The way that Southern people treated each other.I just thought that’s what they did.I never thought […]

What’s in the best wedding photos from 2018

Phoenix Wedding Photographer: What’s the best photography in 2018?If you’re looking for great photos of your wedding, this list is for you.If you’ve been searching for great wedding photography, you’re going to want to take a look at this list as well.If you’ve got photos of a wedding, you might want to browse the top […]

Why boise is best place to shoot in 2016

Boise is known for its incredible wildlife and the outdoors, but many people don’t think of the state as a hotbed of outdoor adventure.With its rugged terrain, breathtaking natural beauty, and rich history, the state is one of the most popular destinations to shoot and explore.So what’s the best place in the state to do […]

How to pronounce the word ‘photographer’

New Scientist is an independent science magazine dedicated to uncovering the hidden world of the human brain.It is published every Monday, Friday and Saturday.Learn more about New Scientist and join the conversation on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.The words photographer and photographer are often used interchangeably.But the pronunciation of the words is very different.For the purpose […]

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