How to Get Rid of an Afro and Be Afro-American: 5 Steps

The Afro has always been a bit of a conundrum.We’re used to being seen as a racial minority, and being a black man is one of the most coveted jobs in the country.And now, with Donald Trump in the White House, a lot of people are starting to question whether it’s still worth their time […]

Which artist are you listening to right now?

The Cincinnati Orchestra has announced that it will not perform in the 2016 World Music Awards, which will be held July 27-30 in New York.The move comes amid a major controversy over the use of the word “war” to describe a video produced by the American Civil Liberties Union of Cincinnati that depicts an attack […]

How to find the best photographers in your city

There’s nothing quite like a great photographer.You can find the perfect photographer for a project, a group, or a whole city.The only catch is that you need to find one with the right credentials and a good reputation.But with all the great photographers in the country, what is your best guide to finding the best […]

When does the cake smash photograph become a photograph?

Posted September 14, 2018 05:09:39When does the photograph become part of the photograph?The answer depends on what is being photographed.If the photograph is part of a photograph that is being made as part of an existing image, it is usually made after the photograph has been created.But if the photograph that was made is a […]

How to take pictures during Austin weddings

When the bride and groom are on their way to the wedding, they’ll likely be spending time with the bride’s family, so they’ll need to bring along some wedding gear.Whether it’s wedding photographers vest, a wedding photographer vest that will allow you to shoot wedding photos, or wedding photographer sunglasses, the best wedding photographer gear […]

How to beat a beggar’s lottery

A man in a t-shirt and jeans had to get into a car with his wife to buy some groceries in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area last week.But it wasn’t until he was in the backseat that he noticed an old lady who had stopped to ask for a cigarette.“I didn’t think she was going to […]

When Nikki Catsoura and her husband were told they would never marry

Nikki Catsouras husband, Mark, has been telling his story. He’s been a photographer in the region for over 30 years, but he says it’s been difficult for him to have a normal life as he has a new partner every year. Nikki and Mark are not married, but Mark is the father of their child and they […]

How to be a professional photographer

In this article, we’ll show you how to take great photos, whether you’re a casual photographer, a professional or a wedding photographer.The following tips are geared towards those who want to take their wedding photography to the next level, but they’re still a good starting point.For beginners:First, start with the basics.You can start by learning […]

Mauthausens’ home photo in cct is the first photograph in the series

The Israeli photographer of Mauthauxens home is set to be published in the next few weeks after a photo of the artist’s life was posted on Facebook.The photo of Maathausen’s childhood home in the village of Maaitau, in the south of the country, shows a smiling and smiling-looking woman, in front of a large and […]

How to capture the best photos in the Dallas wedding industry

This is a guest post from Lauren P. Smith, a freelance photographer and founder of Wedding Photography 101. She recently attended her first wedding and is happy to share with you the tips she learned.What you need to know about wedding photography for 2018 Wedding photography has changed dramatically over the last few years.In 2018, there […]

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