How to win over your fiancé: An expert guide

With his wife’s birthday coming up, a couple has been flirting with the idea of getting married.They’ve set up a blog, a Facebook page and a website called The Bachelorette and it’s already been picked up by hundreds of thousands of people.But there’s one thing that’s still a bit of a mystery.It’s a secret that […]

This is a postcard of my wedding. It was on my wedding day and I wanted to share it.

This is what I sent the photographer, and it was amazing.It is a beautiful postcard from my wedding days in 2019.I’m still in love with this photo.This postcard is so perfect for when you want to make a special gift for someone special.It was taken on my birthday, and I love this photo because it’s […]

Free photo shoots for freelance photographers in Utah

Utah wedding photographers who are looking for work are starting to feel the pressure of the industry. Many photographers who have recently started taking photos for a living are finding it difficult to get the time and money needed to get through the season. “We’ve had to go back to school to get our masters,” said Rachel […]

How to Become a Photographer with a Vengeance

Posted January 08, 2018 12:09:37It’s not often you hear a word like revenge but the words “photographer” and “photography” are used in the same sentence.The two words are synonymous, but there are many differences between the two.The first difference is that photographer and videography are defined by the word “photo,” which is synonymous with “image.”This […]

How to turn your phone into a drone photo assistant

When I bought my first phone, I wanted to make sure it was as easy as possible to capture my photos.The best phone camera was the one that could shoot in a variety of lighting conditions, so I was able to capture the world around me and the people around me, without any fuss.But in […]

Which jewellery photos are the best for cat lovers?

Photojournalist,photographer and cat lover,J Cole, is looking for the perfect cat photograph.J Coles work has taken him to some of the most beautiful cat spots in the world and he knows the thrill of capturing a perfect moment of happiness in a cat’s eye.J said: “Cats are my passion and I love to capture the […]

What is the award winning photograph?

The winner of the 2015 International Photographic Association (IPA) Photography of the Year awards in the United States is a new photograph taken in Memphis, Tennessee.The photograph was taken by photographer Josh Brown, a graduate student at Memphis State University and recipient of the award.Brown is an internationally renowned photographer of African-American culture, and his […]

How Cleveland wedding photographers have captured the perfect wedding day

Cleveland wedding photographer Seth C. Crain is best known for his work at the Cleveland Wedding Photographers’ Association, but his work has been featured on The New York Times Best Seller list, the Wall Street Journal’s Best Buy Best Wedding Photography Contest, and other publications.He has worked at the wedding industry for more than 20 […]

How to get a shot in front of the Milky Way and the stars at night

With the Milky Road winding through the night sky, a few things you need to know.1.Be sure to be looking up at the stars with your eyes open.This is the best way to get your best shot of the night.The stars can be easily hidden by the night’s clouds, and it’s easy to miss them […]

Photographer and writer of the day: The late Mark Bittman

The life and times of the late Mark J. Bittmann, who died at 89 on Monday.Bittman was a journalist who covered the news for the Los Angeles Times from 1972 to 1979.He covered everything from civil rights to politics, from the Watergate break-in to the Gulf War.His Pulitzer Prize-winning reporting helped ignite the Arab Spring.He […]

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