How to get a free copy of this picture

A photojournalist’s photo is like a snapshot in time, capturing the essence of what was once alive.But what is an image, and how can you get one?The following is a list of images you can obtain for free from The Wall St. Journal’s Photo Reflexes program.They range from a rare photograph taken at a remote […]

San Jose photographer’s ‘perfect’ photos of ‘perfect wedding’ in ‘perfect world’

San Jose, Calif.— San Jose, California — This wedding photographer is famous for his perfect photos of the perfect wedding.He says he’s a perfectionist, and his photos have become an international sensation.But that’s just what he’s about to reveal.I got to interview him about the inspiration behind his pictures and how his wedding is going […]

How to create a gorgeous wedding photographer resume in a few minutes

A few minutes ago, I posted a photo of my wedding photographer, Emma, and asked if she had any tips on how to get your resume to stand out.I was really hoping to get a few more responses to this, so I wrote a follow-up post.She replied with her own article and a few tips […]

What’s next for Detroit wedding photographers?

Detroit wedding photography is booming again, with the city set to welcome two-thirds of the city’s new photographers in 2017, with nearly 20,000 working.The number of wedding photographers in the city jumped from 11,000 in 2016 to more than 25,000 this year, according to data compiled by the city.The number of photographers working in the […]

‘It’s just a picture’: The true story of the photo of the naked woman in a hotel room

“The truth is, I had no idea what had happened.”As the man lay on the bed in a wheelchair, he asked for his medication and the woman took it from her hands, then left the room.He did not scream, nor did she stop and run away.He did not say anything and when she came back, […]

Why the black wedding photographer job description is getting so crazy

The job description for a black wedding photojournalist is getting really crazy.As of January 1, 2016, the Bureau of Labor Statistics said that nearly 1 in 5 black workers in the United States have jobs requiring some sort of photojournalism certification.The BLS is currently looking at the certification requirements of both the wedding photographer profession […]

How to restore your wedding photos to the glory of your life

When you are looking for your perfect photo, you have several options.If you are going to take the bride and groom to the ball, then you may want to take their photos in front of the church, so they look their best.Or you can choose to have the photographer take your photos outside the venue […]

How to capture your dirty wedding photographer in this spanish video

I was so excited to get my wedding photographer’s dirty wedding photo taken by my lovely photographer. She took all of the steps required for her job to be done, and I’m very happy that we were able to get it done in the way that she had envisioned it. But I wanted her to know that […]

Find a Photographer for Your Dirty Wedding: What to Look For in a Bride’s Dress

The bride and groom will be wearing a gown, a black gown, and a satin veil. But if you’re the type of bride who wants to go for a simple white dress, there are plenty of options available. In fact, the wedding photographer of your dreams can make your day a bit less boring.In a new article […]

How to capture the essence of an event with a single photograph

Photographer jim is a big fan of the old days.In fact, he says he’s been shooting events since he was six years old.So when he got the chance to capture an event that was both an event and a family day for his mother, he took it on.The photojournalist and photographer has shot a lot […]

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